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I know that you buy these in Paint Supply Stores, but what name is it sold under?
Is it just Toluene? or Xylene?
anyone know of a store in canada that sells it?

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If I want to run 100 octane and I only get 91 super unleaded at the pump then how much xylene or toluene and marvel mystery oil do I add to one full tank of gas....1/2 gas, add stuff, then top off with gas?? How much does our tank hold...18 gallons?

Anyone have a safe and accurate formula per gallon for this stuff...where can I get it???


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big nuts

"The common mix ratio is 70% gasoline to 30% Xylene, which equates to about
5 gallons of Xylene and the rest gas to fill your tank (assuming you'll be
filling a Supra). This should put you right at about 97-98 octane (for your gas).
Here in GA we use 91 octane so I'd be right at about 100-101 octane with this mix.
Also, you'll want to add about 5oz. of Marvels Mystery Oil, or Light Turbine
Engine Oil, to every gallon of Xylene you use. This replaces some of
the lubrication that would be lost using Xylene."

this is what someone told me
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