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summer is is getting better ..

Off the coast of beautiful hwy 1 resides the beautiful Tomales bay oyster farm!

$50 for 50 oysters....

davids korean bbq...


stay tuned....

will post more when i get home

hows everyone's availability looking?

we need the following:

we can do the following
100 Oysters -
Davids Korean BBQ - same meat from Darrens BBQ last week - $free on pedobears tab
Pedobears Special Roast corn
Pedobears Special Salsa jalapeno artichoke dip

Oyster Knife -
Tobasco Sauce - Evan
Mayonnaise - Evan
Chlli Pepper - Evan
Parmesan cheese - Evan
Lime -
Salt and Pepper -
Soda and Ice -
Napkins and fork spoon plates -
Coals and extra grills - Evan
extra foldable chairs -

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confirmed ill post the info route and what yall need to bring later and whos going. it will be on memorial day monday. Early in the morning..... so we can find a bbq pit!! i will bring 1 extra grill.. seats not promised so bring your foldable...
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