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Took some new pictures......

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Bunch of new shots, lot of work into over the last two months. Think I've finally got her done to the point were I'm happy with everything......
Pictures are in a very random order.....

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Dude, YOUR CAR IS SWEET!, where'd you get the headlight cover from? and YES FINALLY SOMEONE THAT POSTES A PIC. OF THEIR ENGINE BAY THAT ACTUALLY HAS CLEAN BRAKE FLUID!!! :) props to that, aight peace
One of the best MK3's out there man. Keep up the good work :D
I've said it before and I'll say it again... abso-freaking gorgeous :)
Hey toy I was wondering if u could post a link for the center sway bar. I had a link b4 but lost it and I've been on a hunt for it since... so can u hook it up man ;) thanks in advance
Great looking car. Good job on the interior too. Didn't you paint or die everything black?

nice, those nissan breaks on tha back?

Where did you get the turn signal covers?
Great looking MK3!! Looks like you have every JDM opton out there. I really like the fender flares. What switch is that on the center console nxt to the pwr mirror switch?
Awesome Toypro! Looks like she's pretty complete now. Oh, it's been awhile now since you dyed your interior, how's it holding up?
Very nice. :bigthumb: An abundance of hard to find hardware on there. :cool:
Thanks guys-It should hit the dyno again later this week, should do pretty well. Untuned @18psi will light up the 285 nittos in a 2nd gear roll, kinda fun having the car go sideways at 35mph :) I don't have a link for the crossbar, got it used. I did get the install directions off of Chris Jenson's site, but since I swapped pc's,don't have that stored anymore. The pics will probably go down soon-only have 100mb daily and ya'll sucked up 60 so far :)
If the go down,wait 24 hours and they'll be back. Should probably resize them....It's been a long road to get it there, but I think it's done...for now :)
Other than the center console lid, everything is holding fine. I'm going to get it recovered, too soft and has to much pressure put on it to hold up...
1 - 20 of 53 Posts
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