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:sadance: August 18-20th

Well one and all it’s that time of year again when most of your sweet rides have been woken up from their winter slumbers, taken for a spin around the block and promptly found their way back onto stands for the Supra ownership motto: Drive once, repair many! With this in mind, we’ve set the meet far enough into the summer to allow you and your money pit the opportunity to participate in the longest continuously running Supra owners meet in North America and maybe the world (I’m still, some 4 years on, trying to verify if anyone in Japan has been doing this longer and still have no idea).

This year, the theme is Supras in motion, and that means one thing…plenty of driving. In the past, we drove a bit, parked, ate, drove a bit and parked again in order to eat. This time…well, we’ll pretty much be doing the same thing, but the parking times are shorter, and we’re getting out of the city. This means we will drive, rather than sit in our cars idling our very expensive gas away in traffic.

Friday August 18th starts at Wendy’s off the QEW where we started last year, and we roll out to Niagara on the Lake. It’s a quiet, picturesque little town at the heart of Niagara wine country filled with antique and ice cream shops, and the requisite elderly pedestrian traffic…just the kind of place that will be happy to see the noisy fast cars leave. And leave we will! We head out through the vineyards into escarpment country to tackle some twisty trails on our way to park and eat again in Hamilton. Consider this a pit stop on the pilgrimage to Toronto Motorsports Park in Cayuga for the drag racing portion of our weekend. If you really want, they of course also have typical fried burgers and wieners on a bun at the track. After the drags, we turn tail for Toronto and the meet hotel before the pitchfork wielding locals in Cayuga and the Niagara region get to us.

Saturday August 19th begins bright and early. If you haven’t been to a Toronto meet, you haven’t discovered that the only thing we do more than love our Supras is eat. Denny’s in Mississauga is the starting point, with breakfast beginning at 8am running till 10am. We pull out at 10 and head away from the cities in order to enjoy the hills and winding country north of the GTA. Our flight will take us about 3 hours around the roads and by this time we should be ready for…food. Lunch will also be the venue for our show and shine competition. After stuffing our faces and eyeballing what it will take to win next year, we light up the tires and head east to enjoy more of the countryside. Our next destination…wait for it...has still more food. Our dinner venue has changed, and will be at a cool little hangout in the town of Whitby, several miles east of Toronto. This is a common cruise night hang during the week, and should more than meet our needs. From dinner, we let the usual chaos commence. Some will have the opportunity to take a cruise back over the top of Toronto for some enjoyment in the cool evening air, others have the opportunity to call it a day and shoot back into the city quickly on the now traffic bare 401…or at least it should be traffic bare at that time of night, and still others may want to cruise downtown to check out the nightlife, or stop at one of the many hotdog carts for a wiener on a bun!

Sunday August 20th wouldn’t be the same without our outdoor BBQ and chill-axing. Breakfast again starts at 8, and runs to about 10:30, and from there we stock up on the cola and the wieners and buns and head out. Bob Shapton has graciously offered up his farm again this year for our little cook out, and we couldn't resist! Remember to bring a cooler, and we'll hit the grocery store for food on the way up. Stock up on your favorite steaks, burgers or wieners and buns and prepare to grill!

There we go again, 11 years, lots of cars, food galore and peeps from all over eye-ballin’ each other’s wieners…I mean cars…


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