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Toyo Proxes T1S

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Does anyone know anything about the Toyo T1S tires? Is it as good, or better than the SO-3 or AVS sports.

Thanks for the info. :)
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S03's can't be beat from what I've heard. If you want extreme, try Yoko Nexus or even worse A032R's by Advan. Serious stickey:eek:
The problem is, that I have 19-inch rims. I would love to have the AO32s, but they don’t come in that size, and the wear rating is at 60. (Way to low for me). Also I did not know that the Nexus compares to the S03 and the AVS Sports. The person that I am buying the tires from told me that the best tires out are the S03s, but if I want great performance at a good price I should go with the Toyo T1S. I just wanted to know if he is full of BS, or for a fact that the Toyos are a good tires? Good tire meaning that they hold their ground next to the S03 and other tires in the Max performance category.

Thank you
I'll make it easy for ya. S03's rule!

Ratings like that don't come easily, I love them.
If you are worried at all about wear go with the toyo's I have them on the rear and they are wearing as good or better then the SO2 's sorry no first hand on the SO3 but the T1S seem to hold as well if not better than the Pole positions in my opinion and for 1/2 the price you can have 2 sets of Toyos for the same cost.. Not offered at tirerack though:mad:

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