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Ok, Hopefully this will help everyone see how Toyota Radio’s work and what you can do to install different radios in your Toyota. This will be a rather long post and I’ve been known to leave out information that seems important to some people, so please try to understand what I think is implied.

There are basically 2 types of Toyota Stereos:
1. Internally Amplified (the amplifier is in the Stereo)
2. Externally Amplified (the amplifier is a separate component)

For the Internally Amplified Stereos I’m only going to discuss the most common type which is the 10pin 6pin Stereo.

10pin 6pin
This set up is pretty much used on almost all Toyota cars except for the upper end models. You will find many different 10pin 6pin type stereos, they are available in a single din or double din sizes and different combinations of drives.
The back of a Toyota 10pin 6pin radio looks like this.

The connections you should be looking at are the ones Labeled 10pin and 6pin, I will discuss the 12pin connection later.

Here is the wiring pin out of the 10pin connector:

1: FR+
2: FL+
3: ACC
4: +B
5: FR-
6: FL-
7: GND
8: ANT+
9: AMP+
10: ILL+

Here is the 6pin connector pinout

1: RR+
2: RL+
3: RR-
4: (usually unused)
5: LL-
6: RL-

Here is a picture of the connectors that plug into the 10pin 6pin Stereo

Now, if you were going to install a aftermarket radio into a car that has the above 10pin 6pin connectors you would wire these connectors into your aftermarket radio to plug into the above connectors (they mimic the back of a 10pin 6pin stereo)

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Next is the 14pin Externally amplified Stereo
Here is a picture of the back of a 14pin stereo

And here is a picture of the 14pin connector that plugs into the 14 pin radio

Here is the pinout of the 14pin connector

10:GND (SLD)

Next is the 15pin Externally amplified Stereo
Here is a picture of the 15pin connector on the back of a 15pin Stereo

And here is a picture of the connector that plugs into the 15pin stereo

Here is the pinout of the 15 pin

1: AMP
2: ILL+
3: ACC
4: +B
6: FL
7: FR
8: ANT
9: LL-
10: (normally unused)
11: GND (SLD)
12: FADE
13: BEEP
14: RL
15: RR

You can easily add a aftermarket head unit and continue to use the Factory amplifier.
You will need to buy a “Toyota amplifier integration harness”
I think it is made by Metra and the part number is 70-8112
It looks like this

Next is the 20pin Externally amplified Stereo
Here is a picture of the 20pin connector on the back of a 20pin stereo

Here is a picture of the 20pin connector that plugs into the stereo

Here is the pinout of a 20pin

1: +B
2: ILL+
3: AMP
4-6 (typically unused)
8: FR
9: FL
10: GND (SLD)
11: ACC
12: LL-
13: ANT+
14, 15: (typically unused)
16: FADE
17: BEEP
18: RR
19: RL
20: GND (ground to chasis)

The 20pin externally amplified system can also use a Amplifier integration Harness
I believe it is made by “Metra” and the part number is 70-8113

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CD Changers

CD changers can be added to most newer Toyota Stereos that use the 12 pin connector
Here is a picture of the back of a radio with the 12 pin connector

And here is a picture of the connector from the CD changer that plugs into the 12pin connector

Basically, any Toyota CD changer, weather it’s a trunk mount, glove box mount or a indash that has a 12pin connector can be plugged into a Toyota stereo that has a 12pin input. (unsure if a indash 6-disc stereo can control a external CD changer even though it has a 12pin input as I have never tried or been given confirmation that it will)

Now, the cool thing about stereo’s that have a 12 pin connector is that you can buy and aftermarket black box that connects an I-pod directly to the stereo, I have never tried it but here is a link to what I’m talking about.
(Note: you can’t use a CD changer if you use this device, it’s one or the other)

You can also get this neat device that lets you plug in other auxiliary devices directly:

Basic Navigation unit
Here is a picture of the back of a basic navigation unit:

The only wiring that you might need to know for this unit is the 5pin Navigation input connector.
Here is a pinout for it:

1: Parking brake
3: Speed sensor input
5: Reverse input
3 and 4 you will not need to wire.
You will most likely need to buy this connector if you are adding a nav unit in a vehicle that didn’t come with Nav.
The 5pin connector part # is:
And you will need 3 wires with this Part #:

About interchanging externally amplified Stereos

The 14pin, 15pin, 20pin all operate the same. If you have one type of connector in the car, you can change the end to a different one.

I have made an adapter for a car that originally has a 15pin connector to plug into a 20pin connector. But, it has been hard to find parts to do this at a reasonable price. Recent availability of some parts may change this. I will add information about this as it comes closer to being worked out. (I know a lot of you have been waiting for this for years, I’m sorry I’ve been busy)

You can also add a factory amplifier to a vehicle that originally was only a 10pin 6pin.
You can find Toyota factory amplifiers that you simply plug in the harness side connectors (10pin and 6pin) into the amplifier and then plug the 14 or 15 or 20pin connector from the amplifier into the corresponding stereo. You can find these amplifiers on Ebay sometimes. So depending on which connector the amplifier has you will need the a stereo with a same connector. Meaning if you get a 15pin amplifier, you will need and externally amplified 15pin connector Stereo also. For example, a unit like this:

Stereo Width and illumination color
You must be careful when purchasing a different factory stereo. It must be the same width. So look at the pictures in the ads you find. For any Supra, the stereo must be 7” wide. You can tell when you look at a picture of the stereo, If the face is the same width as the body of the stereo than it is the 7” wide unit. If the face is wider than the body than it is not a 7” unit.

You must also be careful of illumination color. Most are green, but stereos that came out of newer Tacoma Trucks for example mostly illuminate red.

I will add to this post in the future when I have more information, if anyone would like to add anything please do and any question please post here, I don’t like PMs!


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Eclipse navi's also work well with toyota cause they are the radios that come in them from toyota ;) they usually just have a little difference in the model name.

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Let me know if you have any problems with that.
No worries. It's not like you shared it on a Honda forum! :lol:

Thanks for the heads up.
I hope all Toyota people find this info so they stop hacking their wires!!! :nono:


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Not to dig up such an old post, but i was lead to this website because i have a Nav unit out of a 1998 Toyota Corolla, and im looking to find out what all the plugs are for. I have the system in a 90 Camry DX now.

I know which 2 connectors are for the Harness, i now also know which the Antenna input for the GPS is and the 12-pin CD Changer as well.

Im wondering though what the blue connector is, as well as the one above that, and the 2 prong and 3 prong connectors.

Thanks, Mike.

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For nav units, I would go check out

They have quite a bit of info on the wiring for the Toyota nav systems in their installation section.

Most of the early Toyota nav units had a second unit that contained the processor and data disk(s) interconnected to the head unit by cables. I am thinking specifically of the Sienna since that is what I am familiar with, but I am pretty sure it was generic across Lexus and Toyota at the time.

You might also check out the Sienna forums, since there is a lot of info there on swapping nav systems.

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great info. on the back of the 97 radio for the mkiv( i dont know if it is on any other year, but i dont see why it wouldnt be) there are 2 cables that go into the radio, 1 is certainly for the antennae, is the other one for the amp? (it is like a tan-light gray color). what is it used for? thanks
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