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The low-slung performance machine looks fast even when standing still.

Back in September, Toyota introduced its GR sports car range in Japan with a three-tier system: entry-level GR Sport, midlevel GR, and the range-topping GRMN. Roughly a month later, it attended the Tokyo Motor Show with the GR HV, a droptop concept based on the 86 with a design influenced by the company’s LMP1 race car. Fast forward to present day, Toyota through Gazoo Racing is now providing a first glimpse at the more hardcore GR Super Sport, yet another concept born using the expertise gained in the World Endurance Championship.

For now, we only have this shadowy teaser to go by (see modified version below), revealing a silhouette somewhat similar to the TS050 Hybrid, which will also be exhibited at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2018. Toyota is not being very generous with the details at this point, but mentions the concept has its origins in WEC and illustrates “how technological feedback acquired through motorsports activities is incorporated.”

Aside from bringing the GR Super Sport and the TS050 Hybrid, Toyota will also exhibit the Yaris WRC and road-going models, including the 86 GR and the supercharged Vitz GRMN hot hatchback sold in Europe as the Yaris GRMN. These will be joined on stage by all race cars set to compete in the grueling 24 Hours of Nürburgring next year.

The Tokyo Auto Salon 2018 will open its doors to the press on January 12, while the next two days are going to be reserved for the public.

As for the reborn Supra (name not confirmed), there’s no sign of it just yet. It won’t be at the Tokyo Auto Salon, nor will it be shown in Detroit next month. For what it's worth, the model is scheduled to debut sometime next year when the sporty coupe will be accompanied by its roadster counterpart, the new BMW Z4.


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Toyota is developing a 30 million yen sports car standing at the top of "GR"!

The news that Toyota is developing a hybrid sports car of 30 million yen class at the "Toyota brand" (not Lexus) has jumped into the best car editing department. Speaking of Toyota, there is LC500h (14.5 million yen in S package) in Lexus, and it was a big project to research and development aiming at further upgrading its model, and it was hard to think anything ... ... However, if we splice fragmentary information, oh ... oh ...? Could it be ...? I thought. As for Toyota 2000 GT and Lexus LFA, our own chassis flagship sports. Toyota develops and markets it as a flagship for the establishment of the "GR" brand, in a scenario that may be sufficient. Below, we will deliver the interview results and discussion of the scoop team.

Toyota held a recital on a large scale on September 19, 2017, and declared its launch "GR" brand.
"GR" is an acronym for GAZOO Racing, which was originally a division to promote activities that can not be performed by Toyota itself, but as a company reorganization on April 1, 2017, it became an independent company in Toyota's company It became existence which did.

Because it is named "Racing", some people may think that motorsport activity is central, but while promoting motorsport activities "do", on the other hand, we are promoting the development of a commercial vehicle that feeds back the findings gained from that You can understand it as an internal company that will go on.

A sports car development department is set up in the company, and the sports model to be developed and marketed by Toyota Motor will basically be handled by the GR Company. As its launch, we first released a complete sports model based on existing commercial models represented by Vitz GRMN, 86 GR and others.

The introduction became long, but this GR company is currently developing it on the premise of marketing is this full-fledged sports model.

Shigeki Tomiyama, president of GR Company, on the occasion of a recital held on September 19th at MegaWeb of Odaiba, will be present at the end of the presentation,

"Starting from a complete car that firstly tuned the base model sporty, the goal as a GR company is to build an original sports car with a dedicated platform"

. At this time, the running scene of Toyota's WEC machine TS 050 (machine fighting the Le Mans 24 Hours race) was displayed on the large monitor behind Tomoyama president, while running CG images at city high speeds, a commercial sports car The scene that turns into turning into a scene was projected.

Originally thought to be "GR Hybrid Sports Concept" to be exhibited at the Tokyo Motor Show, it seems to be a car with different design and concept when looking closely. This is ... ....?

In this trend, the remarks of Tomoyama president are to be taken as if they told the dream in the near future, but in reality the development of the sports car of the GR brand is never a story of the near future, but on the premise that it will be commercialized with the goal of 2020 It is starting as an official project that I did.
The best car magazine scoop team had obtained information from Toyota's internal development-related stakeholders before the GR brand presentation, "Full-fledged sports car development project is starting with GR" It is.

In the information of this stakeholder, there is no base model, a full-fledged midship sports car newly developed from the platform. As for the power train, since the final decision has not been made, although it can not be said anything, the performance hybrid is the most powerful. It is said that there is also a choice of pure EV in anticipation of the future.

No doubt ... ....!! I thought that, but there are many points that I agree with Mr. Tomoyama's remarks at the recital on September 19, and the authenticity of the previous information is supported. Indeed it is no doubt that sports car development is actually starting to move.

Speaking of performance-based hybrids, there are also cases of V8 gasoline engine + motor like Porsche 918, and its feasibility is high. TS 050 of the WEC machine aiming for winning at Le Mans is a hybrid of 2.4L direct injection twin turbo + motor and has a performance of more than 1000 horsepower. As for GR, it would be natural to choose hybrids where sports car racing machine's TS 050 images overlap.

Originally the primary purpose of fighting WEC is to refine high performance hybrid technology. As expected there would not be more than 1000 horsepower in a commercial model, but considering durability and realistic ease of handling would be a 700 to 800 horsepower class like the Porsche 918. The maximum torque should be over 70 kgm.

On the other hand there is a possibility of pure EV. Toyota temporarily invested in Tesla, but regardless of its relevance, the motor control technology cultivated in the hybrid is a big property of Toyota. I also want to expect the possibility of adding Pure EV later as an option.

Unfortunately the concrete detailed information of the GR sports car is not yet at this stage.
However, in the story of the stakeholders mentioned above, the market price is targeted at about 35 million yen, which is said to be released to the world as a concrete "shape" in 2020, so so at the Tokyo Olympic Games. It will probably be a car body taking advantage of the know-how of developing a racing machine based on carbon monocoque.

Although the project as a company of the GR Company has only just begun, the car development capabilities accumulated as Toyota Motors have enormous power.

When developing Toyota 2000 GT in 1967 50 years ago and developing Lexus LFA in 2010, it also developed a sports model of the original chassis that has been overlooked and sold out to the world.

President Akio Toyoda embodies the "more enjoyable car" that the president is constantly saying, and will continue to watch the development situation of GR Sports, which symbolizes that, in the best cars.


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Gr super sport concept visits the 24 hours of le mans


TOYOTA GAZOO Racing 2018 WEC Partners
Today TOYOTA GAZOO Racing (TGR) unveiled the GR Super Sport Concept at the 86th edition of the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

the GR Super Sport Concept and the WEC team of TOYOTA GAZOO Racing
First revealed at the 2018 Tokyo Auto Salon in January, this next-generation hyper car incorporates hybrid electric technology honed through Toyota's participation in the FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC).

Meanwhile, the development of Toyota's next generation of super sports car has started. It takes the cutting-edge hybrid electric systems and fuel economy technology that the TGR WEC team has tested and refined during the past six years in WEC, and showcases them in one superb package.

The GR Super Sport Concept is powered by a V6 twin turbocharger and the Toyota Hybrid System-Racing (THS-R), delivering a combined output of 1,000 DIN hp, which it shares with the TS050 Hybrid LMP1 race car.

Shigeki Tomoyama, President of GAZOO Racing Company, said: "Competing in the World Endurance Championship -one of the most demanding motorsports series- and racing at Le Mans -one of the most iconic races- helps us to advance the development of our world-leading hybrid electric technology and enables us to transfer the knowledge we gain into our production cars.

As the automotive industry is approaching an era of big changes, we will continue our passion for making cars that are truly exciting. No matter how electronics and digital technology will continue to transform vehicles, we will make sure that our cars will not become just another commodity.

We started this project because we believe that creating a super sports car that delivers the same appeal as the TS050 Hybrid greatly adds to Toyota's involvement in WEC. And at some point in the near future, customers will have a chance to get behind the wheel of this incredible machine and experience its astonishing power and driving performance", concludes Tomoyama.

*The GR Super Sport Concept will be on display during the 86th 24 Hours of Le Mans at the TOYOTA GAZOO Racing "Fan Village" starting Saturday, June 16 (Opening Hours: Saturday, June 16 09:00-02:00 +1, Sunday, June 17 09:00-15:00).

*The new movie and graphics of GR Super Sport Concept revealed at the press conference can be downloaded here:

Powertrain Engine type Twin-turbo direct injection V6
Engine displacement 2,400 cm³
Combined max. power
(Engine + Hybrid motors) 735 kW / 1,000 DIN hp
Hybrid system Toyota Hybrid System - Racing (THS-R)
Wheels Size
(front & rear) 18 x 13J
Tyres Size
(front & rear) 330/710R18


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Best Car is saying it will come in 2021, limited to 100-200 units, and cost over a 100 million yen ($938,000 USD).
Seems like it's a go for development and production. Toyoda said as much during his congratulatory speech to the le mans team.

Not to mention the Le Mans 2020/21 top class rule set caters to cars like these...
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