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Basically, there should be infinite resistance when the throttle is open between E2-IDL and very low resistance when the throttle is closed. IDL is the signal to the ECU telling it the car is at idle, it is an ON/OFF switch that is opened when you go off of idle.

With the throttle closed, measure E2-IDL and turn it until you get it to close, if there is no resistance, the ecu won't know you are idling.

I'm assuming this means a reading of 0??
It won't actually BE zero, but low resistance maybe a few ohms.

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my car idles fine its when I give it gas with code 31 and 51

This is also my first time with a meter and getting down to business.

I'm guessing all the tests are important in determining if its good.

WOT test and closed resistance seems to be fine. I don't have a big enough gauge to perform the middle 2

I unscrewed the tps and so to reposition turn it until I get the lowest reading?
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