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Trac Light wont deluminate after startup

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Hey guys,
I started my car a couple of hours ago and noticed the TRAC light illuminated but didnt deluminate. The trac off button did nothing either. I shut the car off, waited a few secs then restarted. It did the same but this time when i hit the trac off the light illuminated that read trac off. I got it home and killed the car in the garage and noticed the oil light stayed very dimly lit or maybe something behind it was lit plus the lil light in the window up down switch on the d side stayed on. I disconned the battery for 10 mins or so and retried and it did the same thing. Any ideas??? I have a 93.5 tt with exactly 67500 on the ticker. The car drives fine I cruised around for maybe an hour with no probs. I never tried to see if i could get the trac to function though. Anything would be great. Pull those brains together and see if we can avoid seeing Toyota. <last time i took my car to those buttholes i got an extra 32 miles on the odo. > Anything would be greatly appreciated. Ben :(
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