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Traction Control Problem

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Everytime I turn the traction control off the red exclamation comes on. It just recently started to happen. Hope nothing is wrong. :( Whats the deal?
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Mine does that too sometimes... :confused:
ok ... I have a fix for this one..... did that on both of my supras and a few others that I've seen.... next time it does that... leave it as is.... and use your hand and bump where the trac off light is on that instrument cluster... and see if it goes off... MOST LIKELY it will go off and on just from u hitting that part or bumping it.... if it does its just LOOSE SOLDERING on that thing... it gets loose due to people taking it on and back off over and over or forcing it back in or out... anyway just remove the 5 bolts that holds that whole cluster and disconnect and take out the left side where the trac off light is... take it apart then jiggle it look at the solders....pretty sure it'll be loose... then resolder it again... make sure you dont get solder on the other areas or get a big chunk on it.... dont wanna end up connecting something your not suppose to..... so if your not good with the solder get someone else to do it.... anyway... when the solder gets REAL BAD it will prevent u from shutting off the trac at all... hope you get it fixed... good luck... its been the fic everytime someone in dallas has that problem.....
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:D :D Your exactly right blitzTT. Did what u said and everything is back to normal.:p Lol. Wtf, i didn't know it was that simple.
Ur welcome... anyway most of the time the problems that happens on the MK4 are usually something easy and stupid like that.... just make sure when u solder dont get solder other ones together or get one big chunk of solder on it.... have fun...:D
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