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Hi guys,

I need some help deciding...

I currently have Work VS-SS that are only 9 inch wide on the rears. They have a 275/40 R888 for the past year and have been great. I was at around 700whp/600wtq on race gas and grip was good. It would hook partial 2nd gear but full grip when warm on 3rd.

This year, i built the bottom end and going E85. So power will be 850-900whp / 800wtq (hoping for anyway). I'm sure E85 and high compression pistons will increase the low end tq so trying to find the best way to get some traction. Car has Proefi which we all know the traction control is amazing..

I can get some wider lips and put a 305 tire on there but will have to decrease the sidewall or else i'm sure it will rub. This will change the rim width from 9 to 10 inches. Lips are rolled and will probably have to cut them with a 305 and an inch further out. Suspension is Tein S-tech springs with stock Bilstein shocks so its a soft ride and i would to leave it that way. It is very comfortable on the streets but it does squat a lot during power pulls so tire will have to clear the fender. I do hate tire rubbing!! I take my family in the car every weekend and with the two kids in the back, tires will have to not rub.

My main question is - Will a 305/35 be that much superior than a 275/40 tire? Assuming they are the same brand tire. Toyo R888 has 275/40 and i can just get a new pair.. or go MT ET Street SS, they have 285/40 or 305/35. Toyo R888 also have 305/35 so need to decide which tire to pick. Car will mostly be used on the street, highway pulls to be exact. No drag racing, maybe a circuit run if i stick with R888's.

Here is how they look now and there is some room to go wider. The offset is +38 on a 9 inch so having an inch wider lip, wheels will be closer to the fender.

What do you think?


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