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I have a brand NEW NEVER been used Equus 3110 OBD2 Scanner, NEVER been used. This is top of the line OBD2 Scanner on the market.

My price $150 + $11 shipped anywhere in the U.S.

Here's a little more info on the scanner from the net:
"Normally retailed in stores for $199-$249. Suggested User pricing is $285.69

Introducing the Innova® CanOBD2™ Diagnostic Tool.
A portable, easy to use, internet upgradeable OBD2 tool that delivers the essential diagnostic data needed at a fraction of the cost of more expensive units. Technology is changing fast, keep up with the changing technology.
• Designed to reveal the CHECK ENGINE Light information on ALL 1996 and newer cars, Light Trucks and SUV's - Asian, European and Domestic with one tool and one cable.
• Works on all OBD2 protocols, including the new C.A.N (Controller Area Network) systems, which will be mandatory on all vehicles in 2008.
• Lightning Fast connection retrieves diagnostic data in 10 to 15 seconds without any setup required.
• Patented Easy to View Display shows all on one screen.
• Know in advance if a vehicle will PASS or FAIL an OBD I/M Emissions Test via the color coded LED's. No longer a need for rolling dynamometers.
• Display and View all of the Freeze Frame data values stored when the CHECK ENGINE Light Illuminated for further in-depth analysis.
• ERASE function turns off the CHECK ENGINE Warning Lamp, Clears stored Diagnostic Trouble Codes, and resets the I/M Monitors to incomplete.
• Automatically re-links to vehicle every 15 seconds displaying each of the latest I/M Monitors Status. Use this time saving, hands free function to verify and confirm your repairs after the DTC's have been cleared while performing an OBD2 Drive Cycle.
• Display all of the screen text in either English, French or Spanish in each tool.
• Internet Upgradeable using Free, OBD-PC Link™ Shop Software CD.
• With the included OBD-PC Link™ Shop Software you can quickly transfer the vehicles diagnostic information to your own personalized repair orders for your customers.
• Instructional CD-ROM includes a video on the operation of OBD2 systems
• Durable padded canvas storage case is included
• Online FAQ's, Technical Service Bulletins, User Forums and more at:
Limited One Year Warranty / Manufacturer reserves the rignt to change specifications without prior warning.
U.S. Patent #6,687,584 / Other patents pending.

See It All With Our Patented 1 Screen Display.
OBD-PC Link™ Shop Software delivers detailed diagnostic results from the vehicles tested and integrates the data into a report or a Repair Order that can be, printed, saved, and or e-mailed directly to your customer. Two styles of reports are available. Technicians can use the Quick Diagnostic Summary Report to provide to the dealership or service department and or customers and a Detailed Report can be created by the user (service writer) including the customers initial description of the problem, the technicians evaluation and diagnosis, the part(s) needed and repair costs. The OBD-PC Link™ Shop Software with the cable needed to connect to the PC are all included. OBD-PC Link™ Shop Software is not required to use product as it is a supplement to the tool.
1. DTC Number & Definition Displays diagnostic trouble codes and their definition - in ENGLISH, SPANISH and FRENCH!
2. Tool Icons Identify the tool’s current connection status.
3. I/M Readiness Monitor Status Icons indicate which Monitors are supported by the vehicle under test, and whether or not the associated Monitor has run its diagnostic testing (Monitor Status) - this is ideal for emissions testing.
4. Pending Code / MIL (Check Engine Light) indicate whether the displayed code is a Pending Code and if the MIL was commanded on.
5. DTC Sequence Number each code is sequenced by importance over the total number of codes retrieved. Code 01 commands the MIL on and retains stored Freeze Frame data.
6. Code Type Icons
"G" identifies generic (P0, P2, P3, and U0) DTCs.
"E" indicates Manufacturer Specific (P1, P3, and U1) DTCs.

Included OBD-PC Link™ Shop Software

System Status Indicator Lights color-coded LEDs quickly validate the vehicle’s computer engine controls
Green = The car will pass an OBD IM emissions test, all is ok.
Yellow= Alert to a potential problem, Car may or may not pass an emissions test
Red = The car will fail an emissions test and has problems that need to be addressed.

This powerful code reader quickly reveals CHECK ENGINE light warnings on any 1996 and newer car, light truck or SUV - Foreign and Domestic."

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never received the obd2 scanner, won't respond to e-mails, $150 gone Buyer bonz (1) 01-07-2006
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