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Transmission Conversion

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Hey all,
I recently went out and bought myself a twin turbo targatop 93... But as it was completely stock when I first bought it, it was also auto... This doesn't suit me at all and I desperately want to perform a conversion to the 6 speed getrag... I have a list of parts I need, but I suppose nearly anyone on here knows what that would involve... Does anyone have any recommendations on where I can buy everything I need? Or better still does someone have the entire kit per-chance that they're selling at the moment?
My email address is [email protected] if it makes it any easier.

Thanks guys
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For parts, use one of the vendors from Champion or Elmhurst Toyota, listed on the main page. There is a listing of parts on another site, pm me and I can send it to you later. Expect to pay around 10g's for all parts new, not including shipping or labor of course. I am in the process of doing the same conversion. Good luck.
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