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Considering my transmission is pretty much done for and Midwest wont even return my calls, ive decided on the TH400

Larry, could you please get me a price on the following

-forward pattern w/engine braking
-iron drum
-your modified pro ratchet shifter

I also need your suggestion on a stall speed for my car

also... i decided on the forward pattern w/engine braking and an iron drum because i was told this transmission would hold upto 900 crank hp (according to Dean)... also i dont plan on revving over 7k, and i will be street driving the car roughly 6k miles a year.... Did i make the right choices for my goals?

and finally, whats going on with my toyo trans?


(i decided to post this because i have finals this week so i really wont have time to call or come in... and i need a transmission rather soon since the supra is currently my daily driver... plus i have cash ready - im just going to have to hold off on the fuel system for a little bit since this is a little more important)
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