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Hi all,

I'm formerly an east coast dweller, recently transplanted to central California for school. Please reach out to me if you need a spare hand wrenching, drinking a beer, or cursing at east coast football teams on the TV.

I'm mostly a a do-it yourself guy, but realize that may not be possible due to school and family commitments over the next two years. My first order of business is to find reputable a shop with a diagnostic culture. I've run Supra Forums and Google searches, with varying success. Seems the shops in San Fran are what turns up on SF, and I'm not getting much of a warm and fuzzy with what I'm reading. Google searches show Pacific Throttle House as a nearby option. Reviews seem pretty good. Any Supra guys have experience with them? I'm going to stop by their shop regardless and introduce myself. If they're decent, they'll refer me to a reputable sop should they not have expertise in the JZA80 platform. Thanks much all,

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