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- TRD Front and Rear Sway Bars: In stock
- TTC Performance Idler Pulley: In stock
- MVP Shift Knobs Coated + Polished: Coated in stock. Polished 1 week
- Universal Do-Luck Front Bumper Diffuser (is it meant to replace this part?): Do not follow what part you are asking about...
- TRD Fuel Cap <--- Can't find it on your site anymore, did TRD discontinue this cap: It is still on our website, Body Kits & Exterior, then click TRD. Backordered 3-4 weeks.

- TX2K6 DVD will it be in stock by 1st of June: Should be FINISHED by June 1. Still has to SHIP to MVP after about June 8 give or take.

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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