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A few years ago, I met a guy who had a ’95 TT. He had the car modified at the local Toyota dealership. All of the mods were TRD. I know he put on the TRD cat-back exhaust, but I think he did some intake work, as well. I vaguely remember seeing the air cleaner (K&N unit, I believe). I think the intake manifold was new, as well. I can’t remember if he said the boost was increased. I drove the car, and didn’t think it was significantly quicker than a stock twin…but it did seem louder, and the whistle from the turbo was more pronounced (or it could have just been the whistle from the less restrictive air filter).

So, assuming that all of the mods were TRD, is it possible that this was a BPU? Like I said, I don’t remember if he had increased the boost at all, but all of the aftermarket parts came from TRD, so if they don’t make anything that would do that, I guess it wasn’t.

I’m only interested so that I can have a personal ‘reference point’ for what a BPU feels like.


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he would need a downpipe to see real boost increases. if the stock cats are still there boost isnt going to get much higher than stock downpipe should yield 30~40 hp over stock with the increased boost
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