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TRD Strut bar squeaking on throttle cable.....

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To those who have a TRD strut bar. When I installed mine, to avoid the potential of squeaking, I attempted to lower the throttle cable linkage on the throttle body. I was only able to lower it about 1/16 inch, seemed to do the trick though....for a few months.

This weekend the throttle linkage began to rub and squeak against the TRD strut bar. Has anyone come up with a good cure for eliminating this squeak, short of cutting/grinding the top of the throttle linkage?

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I removed the bracket holding the throttle cable. I then drilled the hole on the bracket that is closest to the firewall larger. Then I remounted the bracket. The larger rear hole allowed me to tilt the bracket back slightly giving me the clearance I needed.

Later, Steve
You may also have find success performing a simple procedure I've done to two of my MKIV's. I covered the engine with sheets except right around the upright flange that holds the throttle and cruise cables. Then I ground the two jutting steel fingers down with a hand-held grinder wheel until they were flush with the nuts that hold the cables in place. You'll also grind right through the rigid rubber grommets, but don't worry about that. When you're done - no more rub.

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