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Well Just got out of the hospital and Im ok. Its completly brand new. I looks amazing its the best looking quility fiber glass I have ever seen. I have seen thousands of fiber glass kits I use to work at Versus Motorsports in Phoenix, AZ so I know fiber glass.........The kit consist of:

-1. Hood
-2. Front fenders
-2. Rear fenders
-1. Front bumper
-1. Front defuser with real carbon fiber inserts
-1. Rear buumper
-2. Side skirts
No rear wing

I do not have a recipit or anything but I purchased it from a socal guy. And from what he told me it was the real kit he sd he bought if from SP in LA. I am in need of funds so I now need to sell it. I want what I paid for it. I m asking 4000.00 OBO..... Let me know it is still in the box and I can deliver it in the metro phx area and if your out of town Im willing to meet half was NO EXTRA COST. If your out of state you pay of shipping I will have pics up soon. Let me know!!!!!

One more thing if you have nothing good to say about my add KEEP IT TO YOUR SELF!!!!! I have sold plenty of stuff over the internet I verifyed over 20 times with paypal and Im verifyed with EBAY as well. Mods please do not delete I have enough post and I have read the rules I m sure I have not volated any rules. Thanks.....

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have any pics of it?? i might be interested. where is versus in phx? i might be in the market for a new job.
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