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If there is enough intrest, this will be a GO. And all the details will be worked out and posted in a new thread dedicated to all the neccessary info/Finalized plans/ and roll call

. It will be WELL WORTH it for everyone coming.

OK, first i wanna start off by saying Al did an awesome job setting up NE2K9. But as alot of us felt the shop was short of nice. And the weather didn't work out to our advantage. The way the guys were treating the cars on the DYNO was very poor as well and all I could think was "We should have had this event at our shop. Its cleaner, larger, and more friendly/personable"

SO, as I've ran this by alot of the guys already to try and spark some interest I figured I would make an actual thread on this.

Our caravan from L.I. was like 16 MkIV's deep along with a few MkIII's and other cars. So i thought "Hey, why not make a Tristate Meet/DYNO Day/BBQ at our shop" we have enough cars in the area and I'm sure other would take the drive as well...

I've been reading alot of members posts on here about how they want another meet this summer so I figured I would throw a hand out there and help set that up.

I ran it by the guys at the shop and they told me get a feeler and make sure a good amount of ppl will attend, before we put it in writing.

So here's the deal:

The shop is Performance Motorsport, which is loated smack in the middle of Long Island. (its about an hour and a half from say... English town race track) Exit 56 of the Long Island Expressway

Its a very VERY reputable shop in the scene with their 350z drag cars. The facility as is absolutely HUGE. and CLEAN. And they have a very cool open door policy, so you can walk around the shop at your leisure, talk to the techs on the personal level. You wont be kept outside while the cars dyno. We have a seperate Dyno room with two giant windows and a LCD screen outside so everyone can see what power is being made. The parking lot is very big and hidden from the main roads so you dont have to worry about random ppl seeing whats going on and rolling through and being disruptive. Its about 5 minutes from the L.I.E.

Here are some pics of the place so you can get an idea how legit this place is:

(The front Entrance)

(The Parking Lot)

(The Lifts Area)

(The DYNO Room)

(The Other Half)

(Hangin out, Eating, Watching Car Videos)

(Outside the Dyno Room)

(Raffles in the Office)

All those pics I took May 30th at our little Dyno Day

IF everyone is down to hold an event here, we will make it happen. BBQ/DYNO Pulls/ Raffles/etc..... We will make it a RWD Dyno day and invite other crews that we are affiliated with as well like, Our local 350z/g35 group. There is NO DRAMA at this shop so you rest assured. All very good people...

So, I NEED to hear feedback within the next 2 or 3 days so I can report back to them and let them know if we should go ahead with this.

Al, Justin, Geno, Mike, Todd etc... Help make this happen b/c ppl seem to listen to you guys on here.

And again, Al, I am in no means trying to out do you or talk down on NE2K9.. I had a BLAST that day but the weather put a damper on things, as well as that shop and I think everyone would love to try again rather than wait a whole nother year. And although its not in the middle of everyone, I think everyone will feel an hour or so drive is worth it for this place. The NY crew drove over an hour to Jersey for 2k9 so ppl shouldn't complain about distance lol. <----- the website of the Shop...

Most likely it will be free to attend.
$50 for pre-registery Dyno Pulls (you get 3) or $60 for the day of
$5 for a raffle

Dont quote me on that though, BC we still need to work out the details if this a GO...

Thanks for taking the time to read such a long post

EDIT: Sorry forgot to mention this... DATE is TBA... But figure the 3rd or 4th week of July...


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sounds good? in just waiting on more info
ill be able to post more info once i get enough "YES's" If I only have 5 ppl say yes, theyre not gonna waste money on food and staff and a day for a few dynp pulls.

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ill be able to post more info once i get enough "YES's" If I only have 5 ppl say yes, theyre not gonna waste money on food and staff and a day for a few dynp pulls.
in that case il definitley be down probably dyno depending on how things go this summer
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