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So I've got a 8 month old, 19 page long build thread on but now that we have this section here I thought I would include my project.

Its not as big budget as some of them out there but I'm trying to do the car right and do it justice... and hopefully you'll find some creativity and a lot of hard work and love in this project.

I bought my 94 TT 6 speed Supra last December with a damaged engine harness and other damaged wiring so it was not running. Interior and exterior were in very very good condition, but the engine bay was pretty dirty and of course need some wiring work done.

I had planned to keep things simple and inexpensive at the time, but its clear now that I have no self control and I've dug a whole lot deeper than I originally planned to. I wasn't planning to mod much or put too much money into the car but now she has a single turbo, fuel system, new coilovers, wheels, painted engine bay, and we're in the process of some really cool relocation to clean up the engine bay a lot.

I'm bummed the car still isn't running, but I think she will be soon, and I think all the hours and all the late nights and busted knuckles will be worth it.

I'm just skipping through my other thread posting all the photos I put up over time so I may be missing some details... if you're curious just ask! You may notice that some things were done out of order but its because I didn't plan on going as far as I did and plans kept changing. So not everything you're reading from early on is accurate...

Anywho, on with the photo updates... there will be a lot of photos I'm catching you up on so hold tight...



Picked up a new project, I just couldn't resist. Always wanted one, just kind of figured I'd get one 'later.' Well, I'm not one to pass on an opportunity and I found this little peach in need of some much needed love that I am willing and able to give it. It needs some work and has some sketchy wiring that I will be replacing and repairing (thanks fred you're the mannn!), and by spring I expect her to be in tip top shape.
I've been giddy all week, nonstop smile and to the handful of people I told about it, I pretty much haven't been able to shut up about it. It just really puts things into perspective on how simple, easy, and 'inexpensively' (same amt you'd spend on another car to add 50-150 whp), you can add an extra 400 whp to this car.
Without further adieu...






1994 Toyota Supra Twin Turbo 6-speed Targa
Black with black leather interior

...and NO, I am not selling the Subie! I'm finishing the Subie real soon, and only then will I dig into the almighty Supra. Its gonna be a fun winter :mrgreen:

I should also add that short term goals are restoring the car to near-perfect condition inside and out, and not really adding any mods to the car (unless stock parts are bad). The car currently has a few mods that will give it quite a boost in power over the 320 hp it comes with stock... probably in the neighborhood of 425-450 whp.

Current mods on the car (that I know of) are:

Greddy Profec-B EBC
Greddy Turbo Timer
Greddy Boost Gauge
Greddy 4 Row FMIC
Short Ram Intake (not sure what kind yet)
Stock Downpipes I think (I'll be going aftermarket here)
HKS Dragger Catback
Tint, probably 15% or so
H+R Coilovers
Stock calipers painted red
SSR GT3 18" 3-piece wheels... staggered, probably 9 in the front and 10 in the rear with 235 front and 275 rear Bridgestone S-03s
Blitz Triple Plate Clutch (which will be removed for something much more streetable)

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I was finishing up my STi build when I bought the Supra and I'm a firm believer in "one project at a time" so the deal I made with myself was that I'd just park the Supra until I was done with the STi so my full attention could go each of them.
So... in April is when I started digging in, and little did I know things were just going to go deeper and deeper and deeper...


i've got a lot of photos to update with, but its real late so here's the most important one... 3am self portrait with 'the twins'


yup yup i'm a big loser... but you probably shouldn't judge so fast unless you've pulled a set of twins out before and know what its like. i felt like a goddamn champion at this point, a champion!
except for the fact that they weigh about as much as a house... that did not make me feel like a champion.


So I got almost all the parts I need from Toyota in including a new Engine harness, and its about itme to start reassembling. Trying to get this baby on the road this summer!

Also just bought these... should be fun for now, and they'll fit the bill until I find the sickest Work Meisters around...

SSR Professor SP1 18x9 +31 / 18x10.5 +30... with 245 Dunlop SP9000 front tires and 295 Yoko AVS rear tires. definitely considered aggressive fitment in Supra world, Dimitri would be proud. Probably going to have to cut the rear fenders to fit them, but thats cool with me.



wheels showed up today, they look badass and fitment is insane. i love the aggressive fitment mixed with the meaty tires, looks so angry. front of the car is pretty high, rear is probably a little too low, so i'll have to adjust ride height eventually but i've got bigger things to worry about right now...

and here's the engine bay currently in all its glory... its about time to start putting things back together now. i've got to treat that little bit of rust on the front right side and i'm waiting for one more brake hard line, then its time to start putting things back together. its a little dusty now but it'll be spotless by the time i'm finished here...


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treating the surface rust... wire wheeled, sanded, scuffed, wiped down with lacquer thinner, and then put 2 coats of eastwood rust encapsulator on...

finished product

here's the bay now... there are some bolts that are in their original spots just so i can keep things straight, but other than that and the wiring harness running at the front of the bay, its stripped...

took out fmic, ac condensor and lines, radiator...

previous owner did a custom clutch pedal mod?


Just ordered new 4 row intercooler piping... it will allow me to route the hot side piping straight down instead of having to go over and through the passenger fender. Shorter piping and looks cleaner too...

Also have this on the way :)...

Its Precisions new PT6765H (next to the 61mm I was going to use)
.81 exhaust housing
4" Inlet
3" Discharge
3" Vband exhaust
Rated for 750+hp

The 65 exhaust wheel replaces P trim wheel, it has better spool up and less back pressure than P trim, newer technology.

So, um... FS: ITS 61mm turbo... polished compressor housing and .70 exhaust housing.


Just here to post some photos from when we pulled the engine Weds night...

thoughts on the condition of the clutch?

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found these 4 collection letters under the drivers seat when i took it out... had no idea they were there. i counted about $40k just from glancing at them...

gutted interior

new and old brake line stuff...

necessary tools to get crank bolt off: 2 people, 1/2" Ratchet with 22mm socket, 4' pipe, large prybar, and a forklift to keep the engine stand from falling over


Haven't really been over there working on it much since my last update but I did shampoo the carpet and put leather cleaner on the seats. They both look great now... the interior should look really nice after a bit more cleaning of the trim and dash pieces.

It also looks like I've been able to line up someone to paint the engine bay in 2 weeks. I would like to get a move on that sooner but it will be fine and I'm happy to have someone I am confident in on the job now. I'm sure the end with justify the means.

Also working on ordering the last bits and pieces... havent taken actual photos but here are some stock photos I found online of what I've gotten this week... 2JZ-GTE Fuel Kit... it includes most but not all of whats needed. I have put together a complete list of parts to order still which include fuel line, fittings, a filter, and a pump. Looks like I will be ordering all of that from Summit Racing tomorrow (unless any TST vendors want to step in and get that sale??? Haven't found any so far that can get me everything in one shot.)

MAP-ECU Engine Management... converts from MAF to MAP and gives me fully tuneable fuel control. Adjusting timing is not necessary at sub 750whp levels from everything I'm told so I'm just keeping it simple with this setup for right now. I will be using it in conjunction with an electronic boost controller.

I didnt add this to the thread earlier but figured I might as well throw it in... its from last Monday.

"I worked on the Sup last night... Rich from Fuzion came up and we did water pump, tensioner, and rear main seal. We didnt have the right sized bolts to pull the crank gear off so we couldnt do the front main seal. I went and bought some bolts today that will work, so hopefully they dont snap in half when I go to pull the gear. Once that is off its time to do front main seal, cam seals, and timing belt, then button that all up. Then its time to do lower intake manifold, fuel rail and injectors, and start routing the new wiring harness."

And today I was back at the car with Andrew (HckyPlyer18) who has done a lot of the same mods that I am currently doing so he was a big help. We got into my gas tank finally... took it out of the car, drained the old gas, got the pump hanger out and modified it for the new bulkhead fitting for the second pump I am adding as part of my fuel system. I still have to tackle mounting the second pump and the wiring for that, hopefully Fred will be giving me a hand setting that up this Thursday. We did assemble the fuel line from the tank to the filter toward the front of the car, and so far so good.
Today we also put the new timing belt on, lower belt cover, accessory tensioner, etc. I want to clean up the fan pulley before I reinstall it and I didnt have time today but after that I'll put the accessory belt back on and the front of the engine will be all buttoned up.

Upcoming plans include:
-Put clean carpet and interior, seats, and panels back in the car
-Continue fuel pump install including lines and wiring
-Paint block with black engine paint so it looks a little cleaner
-Finish up accessory pulleys and belt reassembly
-Begin install of lower intake manifold, fuel rail and injectors, lines, and fuel pressure regulator, followed by engine wiring harness and rest of engine assembly

Since I know everyone likes pictures, hopefully this will hold you over... this is essentially the fuel system I am building, although it is someone else's diagram... more photos coming, I know I've been slacking

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pics from the last couple of times i've been over there...

pulling the timing gear

new front main seal installed

little bit of oil leaking past the old cam seals...

old cam seals out (forgot to take a pic of new ones in...)

half hours worth of scrubbing the top of the head to clean it up...

fuel tank dropped, new braided line in place for rough fit

starting to come back together

cams n stuff

clean cut!

harbor freight special braided line cutting tool, or something. works like a charm!

fuel pump hanger

plastic fuel tank ftw

timing... check

more photos at:

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Yeah the Veilside body kit for the Supra is terrible, haha. A lot of the body kits for Supras are terrible actually... I blame the 90s for it. Don't really plan to do much with the exterior of this car as far as body kits go, and if I do it'll be very clean and simple. The plan is to keep stock body and just always be rocking badass wheels.

I picked up the Veilside exhaust this afternoon... its awesome. Great condition and unbelievably light... you'd really have to pick it up to understand. Its a 7' long pipe with flanges, hangers, and a muffler, and it weighs 9 lbs total... totally insane.

I'm uploading pics now from last night... I stayed real late and got a lot of little necessary stuff done.
-sealed up the 8 holes left behind from the previous owner's harness mounts. Used bolts, washers, nuts, dynamat from the inside and rubberized undercoating from the outside.
-put back on oil filter housing, engine mounts, coolant hard line onto the block after painting.
-put back on all accessories, pullies, belts, and timing belt covers... front of the engine is all buttoned up
-fred helped with the wiring of the dual pump setup in tank so thats ready to get sealed up
-i pulled the trans cause it was kind of in the way
-dropped the entire front crossmember as per the painter's request
-removed the entire fuel tank breather hard line from the front to the back of the car. will replace it with a short soft line that vents at the rear
-cleaned up and swept up the work area... and it needed it

brake cleaner, wire brush, clean rag, masked, 2 coats of high temp paint

tape pulled off

intake side getting reassembled

exhaust side getting reassembled

front back together

dual pump setup

hanger doesnt want to sit flush in the tank, cant figure out why... when i spin it 60 degrees it sits flush but its not lined up properly then

wtf... previous owner decided to make swiss cheese out of the pass side trans tunnel. no idea why... gotta seal it up though (lit from the back to see the holes easily)

8 holes in the floor from harness eyelets plugged... bolt/washers/nut plus dynamat from the inside and rubberize undercoating from the outside

front crossmember out

trans out... 6 speed, just as strong as the sti gearbox, except considerably smaller and lighter, weird.

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Made good progress today but didn't have time to actually spray the bay. Should be able to basically get right down to that tomorrow.
We cleaned, scuffed, cleaned, swept, cleaned, set up the 'tent', etc. There is a bit more masking left and sealing off the underside of the bay and trans tunnel, also put plastic on the ceiling and the floor, and then its go time. Here are some sweet ass photos of what things are looking like. I suddenly have a craving to watch E.T. for the first time in a long time.

scuffed and cleaned

starting to mask off

the booth... its awesome

3 out of 4 walls up...

just like heart surgery in a hospital

almost all set up... where things left off today

All photos at:
Editors Note: Paint finish did not turn out well due to lack of a proper ventilation system, so as you'll see shortly I ended up having to tow it to a shop to have it all redone. It SUCKED.


Ok painting the bay was a mistake. Its been a big headache and pain in the ass and has taken a lot longer to get done than originally planned. Still isnt painted but hopefully it will be soon, by a shop, in their booth. I wish I didn't get into this at all but since I did I'll be damned if I don't at least have something to show for it.

But why I'm really here is to talk about how I just got my Greddy exhaust manifold in, and its awesome. I was afraid the Turbo wouldnt fit it at all, but it does barely. Very little clearance between turbo compressor housing and manifold though, I am not able to clock the turbo down as much as I'd like so hopefully that wont lead to a clearance issue with the IC piping when in the car.

Anyway... pics...


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ok now to give a proper update...

bay is painted... it looks good.

as i'm starting to put things back into the bay i realize how much more of a challenge it will be. the bay is perfect... its too nice. this means that any part i put back into the bay has to be on par with that or else it will look out of place.

i started to put in the brake booster and it looked fine before, but it looks like total ass now. i'm going to have to paint it. i'm going to need to use steel wool and/or metal polish on the ac lines, the abs unit needs some serious work... i'll probably end up painting it silver since it wont clean up and look new any other way.

these are just a few examples. i'm now realizing that putting used parts that look used back in is going to be a challenge so a lot of scrubbing, cleaning, and a good amt. of painting is going to take place as i very slowly put things back in the bay.

nonetheless.... big progress over the next 2 weeks... its go time.

some pics from yesterday...

lower manifold installed with injector bungs epoxied in and egr blockoff in place (diamond cover closest to the camera)

Fuel Injector Clinic fuel rail and injectors installed...

wiring mocked up... wow it doesnt look nearly as bad in this pic as it really is

turbo and exhaust manifold on the left, lower intake manifold, injectors, fuel rail on the right. wiring harness is laying over the engine while i try to figure out where the hell everything goes. i've got a lot to learn this week...

now i understand why a lot of guys leave the brake booster on and paint right over it...

its dusty already but looks pretty good in this shot...

again kinda dusty but cant hold the bling down

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Ok so things haven't been moving along quite as swiftly as I had hoped, but such is life.
I'm headed over there tonight to hopefully make some solid progress. Fred is meeting me over there to finish the injector wiring which will let me install the intake manifold and finish things up as far as the engine goes.
Here's my little guide on how things have to go back together on the intake mani...

Throttle body has also been cleaned up and the traction control flapper has been deleted

Stock injector clips with wiring color code guide for new injectors...

Injectors and pigtails in place, prepped to be wired into the harness

On the engine bay side of things, well... I broke my ABS unit because I took out a few too many screws and the damn thing split in half on me, revealing an electric motor inside which had carbon pads, springs, and wires that all unloaded on me, never to be reassembled again. After a day or so of debating whether to take that as a sign to just ditch my ABS, I decided to play it safe and get another ABS unit and continue on. I now have the replacement ABS unit and can continue to move forward.

old ABS unit apart... woops. see the 4 carbon pads pointed toward the center? they were springloaded and wouldnt stay in place at all, springs were removed for this photo

I plan to paint the ABS unit and the brake booster black tonight so they both have clean finishes to mask their currently worn and beaten looking appearance. Once they are dry I can install both of them along with the master cylinder and the brake lines in the engine bay. I can also reinstall the clutch master cylinder as well.
Its also time to put the AC lines back in the engine bay as well as the AC condenser and start figuring out that maze of lines and brackets. Of course this will not all get done tonight, but hopefully some of it will.
The other project lined up right now is to install the fuel pump hanger back into the fuel tank, and install the fuel tank back into the car. This requires a few lines to be ran to/from the tank as well, but will be a good thing to get out of the way.

I pretty much just listed everything that has to happen before the engine goes back in... really hoping to start banging this stuff out and make some noticeable progress. I've learned by now though that when things finally start to come together, its all the little things that'll slow the progress down. I'm doing what I can here though...

Also bought this today... its a replica of the Boost Logic 4" Downpipe / Midpipe. From what I've read it may need to be modded slightly to fit, but it costs about $300 compared to $900 for the Boost Logic unit... so I'm ok with that.

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Ok so the last week or so has been slow and boring, until last night... I spent all damn day (and night) there and just started banging stuff out... lots of progress.

4" intake, 4" downpipe, because i am a badass

intake manifold installed for real, finally...

old and new abs lines... damn...

brake booster, brake master, and clutch master... all cleaned/painted and back on

abs unit and ac lines... also cleaned/painted

brake line brackets in place...

brake lines installed (after at least an hour of figuring out what goes where and what goes under/over the next line... hell)

starting to look like an engine bay, and almost ready for the motor :banana:

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lots of little detail crap being handled lately. so nothing too visually stimulating but i'll post a mini update and hopefully have some more substantial stuff to show you after tomorrow... pretty much at the point of taking the engine off the stand for the first time in 6 months and working on bolting it to the trans, and after that its time to put it in the car!!!! phinally...

eh, recent engine bay shot...

shaving upper water neck. wish i had a stock photo, big hunk of aluminum with 2 fittings coming out. dont need them any more...

pulling wiring back through the fender... dont scratch!

24 holes in the side of the trans tunnel. wtf was the original owner thinking? i'll cut him. anyway, filled with 3m seam sealer and we're good to go now...

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11/6/08 continued...

omghi2bling... titan intake mani and shaved throttle body

ceramic coated exhaust housing

powdercoated stuff

mocked up fpr but probably not putting it there any more

i love saying mishimoto

thex... hks hipermax 2 coilovers. its lab.

clutch assembly stuff... this had me confused for a but but i'm straight now. its like 6 or 8 washers and snap rings and all kinds of crap. stupid!


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Lots of wiring, brackets, small but essential bolts, clips, trim pieces, etc etc etc. A list off the top of my head for the next couple days includes:
-Dual fuel pump wiring
-Buy battery, mount it, and wire it
-Secure wiring inside fenders, install fender liners
-Install AC condenser, Radiator, FMIC, bumper beam, bumper, etc etc.
-Connect all lines, hoses, etc to engine
-Bring wiring harness through firewall, mount ecu, install wiring
-Install MAP ECU Piggyback EMS
-Install carpet, dash, seats, interior trim pieces
-Retap threaded hole in the intake manifold that was stripped :roll: and buy plugs/fittings for all 9 holes in the manifold
-Fluids, fluids, fluids
-Lots of random things left that will need to be taken care of

Also need to have my downpipe modified, trying to have mike (turbotagteam) come out to check it out and take care of that for me. Anyone have a chop saw that I can borrow?

here are some photos from last night to tell the story...

engine and trans about to be bolted together

motor and trans bolted together

raising the car up to slide her under

how far it had to go up to get the engine under... and how she'll look when she launches :wink:

in place, grabbing it with the hoist

raising her up

subframe bolted in and engine in place

hks and precision

how she sits now... more work to be done tomorrow

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I've got an RPS Max with a stock pressure plate in there right now. Its rated for 550 ft lbs I think? We'll see if it holds, if not then I'll change it. I don't expect to make huge power right out of the gate though, just gonna keep low boost and get the kinks worked out.

Here are some pitchars...

end of the night

in da butt

windshield cowl, wipers, engine harness

ugh, wires

Greddy 4 row core installed

bet your FMIC isnt this girthy...

mishimoto test fit

this sucked to get through the firewall

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just some more photo updates...

just a current engine bay shot

factory ecu, map ecu engine management, and traction control ecu (need to figure out if i can remove this and not throw a code)

downpipe modifications courtesy of turbotagteam, chop saw courtesy of harbor freight

welding in a small section to lengthen the downward portion of the downpipe

took a slice out of the midpipe and put it in the downpipe, and next we'll add the flex section to the midpipe

closeup of the section that was added

one of the fuel feed lines measured, cut, and ready to install... along with inline filter

fuel rail and lines final install...

view from under the car of the new oem fuel filter along side a russell inline filter... dual feed lines to the dual entry fuel rail

filters and lines running under the car

fender wiring finalized and tucked tightly against the top of the fender well, and fender liners test fit... need a lot of new clips/screws to secure them. also need to get some photos of fred's top notch wiring work and the great results...

need to get my 12 pieces of flair... these should help. thanks extreme psi!

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some friends stopped by and snapped some photos...

And lastly, Kevaaan's window dust artwork.

All these pics were taken by Kevaan, by the way.

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cut intake pipe to fit... might get a different filter cause this one looks like a dirty ass dryer sheet...

factory sub removed...

leaves a very nice spot for a battery and fuse box behind the rear seat... about 5" tall and 7" wide

ordered a Deka ETX18L battery from for $70 shipped... its a bit larger than the ETX14L which is the "Braille" battery, but still relatively small and lightweight. it has quite a bit more starting power which is why i chose it, and it should still fit nicely in the back of the car.

ETX18L DEKA PowerSport Battery

* Shipped Charged
* Fully Rechargeable
* Sealed, Maintenance Free
* Dry, Non Spillable
* Long Service & Shelf Life
* Wide Operating Range
* Rugged Construction
* AGM Technology

Physical Specifications
Length: 8.13 in.
Width: 3.56 in.
Total Height: 6.38 in.
CCA: 300
Ah: 20
Weight: 11 lbs.

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some photographs from the last couple days...

Sanded the spark plug cover smooth... it'll get painted gloss black sooner or later

Heater hose toward left of photo is going to be VERY close to the 4" downpipe... ordered DEI Heat Sheath insulation for it to help with that. *NOTE: I hooked these up backwards so don't use this photo as a guide! Swap the hoses where they attach to the firewall for the proper install!*

Marked manifold for EGT bung, and dropped it off to be welded and ceramic coated...

Power Steering cooler painted flat black, and finally found a way to mount it...

Sooooo excited I randomly stumbled upon the exact custom adapter I need... Greddy Type-R 4 bolt to Tial -band flange so I can install my Tial 44mm EWG to my Greddy manifold. Sweeeeet.

Oyyy... there are seven (7) 1/8 NPT ports on the back of the mani. Using them for: MAP ECU, BOV, FPR, Boost Controller, Boost Gauge, and the remaining 2 are plugged. They are all 1/8 NPT x 1/8 barbed except for the BOV which is 1/8 NPT x 3/16 barbed...

Had to bend the bawls out of this line for it to fit... still doesnt seem right but if it works it works. Had to stretch it between the slave cylinder and the black bracket with silver clip toward the top left of the photo. Its on now so its all good...

(Here is a before pic showing how the line came, before I worked it to fit the bracket)

Main ECU and MAP ECU...

Tired Fred with battery...

0 gauge from alternator to back... so fresh and so clean!

0 gauge out the back passenger corner of the engine bay... so fresh and so clean!
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