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trouble codes 24 and 31

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I am gettting errors 24 and 31 from the check engine light. It looks like it is a bad intake air temp sensor and a mass air flow meter circuit. Is the intake air temp sensor part of the MassAir flow censor? Is there anything that I should check or do before I go and spend a fortune on another mass-air?
Also, last night i installed a downpipe,cat-back and wired the turbos in TTC mode. I reset the ECU (the check engine light came back on). The first few times I hit it the boost went up to around 14PSI(before it would only hit 7~8PSI), but then it went back down to around 7PSI and I haven't been able to get more than 7PSI since then. Would the error codes cause the ECU turn down the boost?
Thanks in advance,


94 Twin-Turbo 6sp BPu(almost)
91 Talon AWD - [email protected]
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Shane, what you are describing sounds like you are hitting fuel cut. Do you have a greddy BCC installed an tuned to the correct voltage? That should fix your problem.

Chad H.
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