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Whats up everyone I have been having a few problems with finishing up my na-t. First, i can't seem to get any voltage out of my O2 sensors when I have them wired together, WHERE exactly did everyone else wire into the other O2 sensor???? Also, I have the MAP ECU and I am a 94 OBD1 which means that my setup is Karmen Vortex and I can't seem to get any reading with this either, I am metering everything on my map ECU through the MAP-CAL program on my computer, they just seem to stay at zero. :wtflol:

I also seem to be stuck at LEAN on my AFR's reading on my Map ECU, what do you do richen the car. All it ever says is LEAN and I loaded the map for 525cc injectors, which is what I have.

If anyone could help me with the situation it would be greatly appreciated!!!

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