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Hey everyone, I'm having a little trouble with my car.....starts up fine but immediately starts idling horribly & eventually dies. If I give it gas combustion seems to stop (gets very quiet) and rpms just slowly drop to zero. If I let off the gas combustion seems to start again (at least to where I can hear it again) but is just the rough idle. This is a new complete rebuild and I'm not getting any codes either. The AFM is good as well.

The timing is right and I cant find any vacuum leaks. I thought maybe this was a fuel problem so I dropped in my Walbro fp and problem is worse now than before
(j-tube is removed). I was thinking maybe my FPR went south but I wouldnt know the symptoms. Is there any way without a pressure guage to know if the FPR is bad or do the symptoms I described sound like this or something else. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks. :dunno:

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