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I recently swapped my taillights from series 1 to series 2 and after it rained for the first time with the new lights in, i noticed a good amount of water in the rear hatch around where the spare tire is beneath the trunk cover when i went to replace the taillight bulbs, luckily i noticed it when i did. There was a lot of water as the foam where the spare tire rests on was soaked with water and i remember hearing water sloshing around during the drive home... After removing all the panels and doing a thorough inspection and spraying the hatch with a garden-hose i found that the water was leaking in from the top taillight bolt-holes. It seems like the right taillight has some sort of thing over the bolt hole put on as a possible fix that the previous owner in japan had attached? There's also slight rust around the hole meaning water has definitely been around there.

-Has anyone else had this problem? and what can i do to fix it?
For now i'll probably just cover the bolt over with silicone and then just remove it if i ever have to change the bulbs again, or find some thin rubber gasket to put on each side of the bolt if i can find some...

-Also what are some other spots i should check for possible leaks? there was a decent amount of water so i'm hoping it all came from the bolt holes...




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