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trying to find cold air intake for 87

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hey guys it my first post so dont bash me but i tryed to find the seach thing to see if there was already a topic on this but im trying to find a cold air intake system for my 7m(not sure if it matters) but all i can find is the actual filter ive been trying to find the pipeing to go with the filter but have been unsuccesful, anyways if any of you could help me with this that would be awesome.

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Personally, made my own outta some misc. intercooler piping. Supposedly, you can use the one for 93-95 Civic with a little modding.
go to or or anything like that and get the k and n filter runs like 170 but i personally love k and n filters...make sure its the cold air intake....heres this one from
does it???? huh maybe im gonna look those up but i always like the way k and n performs.. how much better is the apexi???
Can't find the link but someone did a compairison and the Apexi did better by far in filtration and flow, it's also a dry filter I believe.
Really??holy crap I figured k and n was wait the apexi ones the red one right with the weird looking adapter???
i actually did my research on this topic after this post and found out that k&n filters the most shit out of the air and the horsepower gains of the four main intake leaders are all around the same so i went with the k&n. works great and easy to install
^ Apexi puts K&N to shame.
I would have to disagree and be ignorant to some of the tests. K&N FTW for life. I built a kit for my truck and during the winter (because the air is so much colder and more condense) it actually flows TOO well... Every now and then it throws a 'System too lean' code, even with premium gas...

Again, K&N FTW.
I've never had an Apexi but in the famous filter test is was the best...K&N was 2nd then a few others and HKS was the worst at 5th place. As far as the bet is to make one.
So I am confused. Is the "generation II" FIPK a cold air intake or a short ram like the original?
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