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While re reading a old Import Tuner, i came across a dyno session for a 97 2JZ-GE just like the one i'm trying to build up. A Apex-i N1 exhaust designed for a TT was used on the NA and power rose 14HP but torque came down 1 ft/lb. Then a Apex-i Power Cone Filter was installed, gaining an additional 3HP but losing another 2 pounds of torque. Then a S-AFC was used to tune the fuel map and the final output was 172.1HP and 161.5 lb/ft, a 22HP and 1lb/ft gain. What do you guys think of this? 'm not a rookie and i know 90% of Import Tuner is bullshit trash but this got my curiosity piqued. The piping on the exhaust runs from 3.34 inches all the way up to 3.75 inches. In my experience this is too large for a nturally aspirated 2972cc engine but the numbers cant lie. Do you guys think this was a fluke and should i go with more sensible piping size. Judging by the torque numbers I would say a lot of exhaust velocity was lost, hurting torque production. More HP is good IMO, but torque is waht gets you there...
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