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TT exhaust on my NA?

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Does anyone know if a MKIV TT Apexi catback exhaust will bolt right up to my MKIV NA? I've heard that it would before, but I wanted to make sure before I buy.
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NA supra and TT supra exhaust are exactly the same from the cat back, the TT just has bigger Tubing.
n/a's need a little back pressure... Noise is an issue also-keep checking around
Does anyone have TT exhaust on their NA, what brand, how does it perform and sound?
i got the hks super dragger on my n/a. sounds a bit louder but it's ok.
Hey rom,
how is the performance gain? noticable?
That helped a lot!:)
I haven't read very many comments from anyone with apexi N1 or dunk exhaust on their supra na. What does everyone think about those setups?
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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