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What is your First & Last name? Iggy
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Heres some stuff i got laying around that came with the car. As far as I know, they have about 40k miles on them. They include Paypal fee's. If interested in shipping them, send me your zip and ill get you a quote asap. What you see is what you get:)


TT power steering pump with resevoir:$200, will post up pics of this in the am

1.Spark plug valve cover $120

2.TT Oil pans $200(On hold)

3.Intake manifold with throttle body $150 (missing the 2 upper bolts for TB, see pic)

4.Alternator $100

5.Slotted NA rotors w/NA calipers for anyone interested in a race setup: $220(not sure what brand, but in very good condition), ill post pics of the calipers tomorrow.
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