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Tuning Greddy BCC

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O.K. guys' I know I'm stupid, but does anyone know what they mean when they say using a Voltmeter to tune your Greddy BCC? Where can I get one? Is it really that hard to tune it? Please help! Is there any pointers anyone can give me when insatlling it? ;)
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Josh S said: has all the info about the BCC that you will need. You can pick up a multi-meter at radio shack or sears.
Thanks Alot!
Do not worry. It is easy. I am sure you can buy multi meter in electric shop but just for one test there is no reason to buy it, you can lend one from any electric service for 5 minutes just to set BCC
How much does a multimeter go for?
In Poland 30$
Thanks for answering my questions guys...:)
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