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I have 94 octane at the pumps around here, I was wondering what I should set my tune for with that gas? What boost is okay to run, and what a/f should I set?

Then, If I wanted to run 21#s and go as lean as plausable with my setup, what octane would I need to run and what a/f would that be?

I read somewhere that 12.1:1 is a good target, is that correct?

Here is where I sit with my 95 tt 6-speed;
Rebuilt turbos w/ upgraded bearings & ported exhaust housing
RMM 3" down pipe
Apexi n1 3" exhaust
Max Air Box intake w/ k&n filter
Front mount intercooler w/ 3" core
Hard pipe intercooler kit
JUN exhaust cam gear
RPS Light wieght flywheel
RPS stage 3 clutch with sport plate
Greddy Boost cut controller
Apexi AVC-R boost controller
Apexi SAFC2 Fuel controller
Innovative Wideband o2
Short shifter
Fluidyne radiator
TRD engine mounts
TRD transmission mount

Thanks a lot :bigthumb:

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unless you're a professional racer, aim for the same A/F no matter the boost level.

for 94, you can probably do 18psi safely; for 100, 20-21psi is probably a safe upper limit but people have done more.

12:1 is fine for the mid-range but you might want to go a tad lower for the upper RPMs (11.6:1 or so.)

- chuck

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I usually just have 11.5 a/f across the board. Remember there is usually less load on the dyno than on hte street. Also I would rather sacrfice a few hp for peace of mind than worrying about possibly running lean. Is it really worth it to run a leaner a/f for only a few hp?
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