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turbo: blown oil seals?

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What is a good way to check to see if my oil seals are blown in my turbo? I have reason to believe they are but I want to be sure. The engine is not currently in my car.
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the only way to inspect the turbo oil seals, is to disassemble the whole turbo. but if you want to do a quickie, check both of the compressor & turbine wheels and see if theres alot of carbon/oil buildup around the blades. if its wet, then its most likely that it has a bad seal.

aite, peace.
^ :werd: Also look for blue-ish white smoke coming out of your exhaust.
Well, i have the turbo off the engine right now. What should i be looking for when i take it apart? is it obvious when a seal is bad?
When it goes you'll know it, and so will the 20+ people behind you who are now BLINDED by your billowing cloud of death.
take the housing off the turbo. if the inside of the housing has a thin layer of black oil gunk on it, or there is a thin layer of oil gunk in a spray-esque pattern around the turbine itself then yes your oil seals are bad. when i had blown seals in my turbo (ct26) thats how i knew for sure. good luck.
thanks italian, thats the kinda answer i was lookin for.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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