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Turbo Break In Period?

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Quick question. I just installed a stock rebuilt CT26. The place I got it from recommended a break in period. "Be gentle for a while" was about as detailed as they went.

Any thoughts on this? Do turbos need a break in period?
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What you dont wanna doi is run the turbo with little no oil on the first few minutes.

I have heard about is disconnecting the ecu and cranking a few times to get oil in the turbo.

Last thing you want is throwing a beraring and needing another rebuild.
that's what I did, then I let it idle for a long time
Yeah make sure you prime the turbo as indicated earlier and let it idle for about 2 min or so. But then you are free to tear into it. There is no break in process for a turbo. Ask any turbo builder and they will tell you the same thing.
What should I disconnect to crank the engine over without it starting? The TSRM says to disconnect the fuel supply (fuse?) but I have also heard of pulling an ignition fuse? How would I disconnect the ecu?
the EFI fuse in the engine bay is the one you want to pull. It will prevent the engine from seeing fuel.
Worked like a charm. Thank you. I'm now off to locate the cause of the large oil leak I seem to have developed.
If you have a good size oil leak right after replacing the turbo, be sure and check your fittings/connections on the oil feed on the block and turbo and on the oil return on the block and turbo. You need to be VERY sure that they are both functioning correctly before you take that car anywhere or you will have a big problem really fast.
That's where it's leaking. Everything was tightened down pretty well though. I'm wondering if the oil line got slightly bent and is not fitting snugly (is that a word?), snuggly.... flush against the block. But with a good tightening, that shouldn't matter, should it? Anyway, I'm off to locate new gaskets and try this again.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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