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I did a few different searches before giving up and posting this...

I currently am BPU with a few plus' from FMIC to tranny parts. I think my turbo seals are done (might be my valve seals... but whatever :)) so I was contemplating a single.

I have a t-88 34d sitting on my shelf that I bought in case my stock twins ever went. Well, from what I've heard, and from the goals that I want, this turbo is too big for me.

I'm hoping for a comfortable 600 rwhp on pump gas (if possible?). Another one of my mods already on the car is a NX 100 shot wet kit, so I'm hoping for 600 rwhp, and 700 w/no lag if I needed it (Racing a high hp cobra, etc., etc).

As far as drag racing, I'm hoping to break into the 10's with drag radials. My car bpu has already gone high 11's on street tires.

Also, I've heard that there is a turbo kit that uses the stock exhaust manifold? This would be a temporary solution just to get rid of my leaking turbos :)

The car has 91 k miles on it

Thanks for any advice you can give me :)
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