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Turbo housing question

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Ok guys, i was looking at turbonetics website, to buy a new exhaust housing, they are kinda expensive, i just wasn't sure what kind I had, is it "on center" or "tang/divided" or "tang/undivided" im running a T60-1 w/ .71 exhaust housing now. i can post pics if necessary. if someone would explain what this all means it would greatly appreciated.

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ok i decided to post the pics anyway.

one more pic.

btw its a greddy turbo kit.

It should be tangential, but I can't tell you if it is divided. This is easy to figure out though. Look at your current housing and see if it has two paths for the exhaust....hence the divided. Hope that helps.

here is another pic
Your current one is probably undivided if you got it through PTE... Since you ahve a greddy header I'd go with a divided housing... and its tang, not on center.
Spanki said:
dude, just AIM me.
? divided? yours isn't divded i checked your ebay auction, you dont have my header either, i was just wondering, i think mine might be divded but i dont know and can't check it. prices are too much for new exhaust housings :$367. oh well if you want to trade im down. do you have big shaft? do i? how do i know that? i think mines not hi-fi and that its 4" inlet and 3" outlet im pretty sure.

anyone have pricing on the 60-1 exhaust housings? i heard they were $150 and on the turbonetics site there $350?!

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