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Turbo timers and boost controllers

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Okay, I know everyone has opinions on who makes th ebest etc. But looking around for a SIMPLE turbo timer like the HKS Type IV I've got in my RX7 has been next to impossible. HKS discontinued that one :( The new ones like the Type 0 look to be silver (ugh) and have red backlighting - double UGH! I'd like something slim in black that's not got goofy things like boost gauges and whatnot. If I have to the Type 0 will be purchased and painted - while I'm at it I'll see about swapping the lighting for blue LEDs. In for a penny, in for a pound I guess. A harness for the car that will allow the E-brake and possibly other inputs to kill the car would be nice.

Same with a boost controller. I've got an EVC IV that toasted years ago. Apparently these aren't the best for Supras but it was nice and small, black in color. The HKS EZ looks good but I think I'll miss not having something like a scramble boost option. :rolleyes: Again, I don't need tons of goofy options. I've considered a MBC but lack of control is an issue (cheap to build though). I'm open to suggestions and while I realize this is an age old debate with no single "right" answer I'd appreciate some input.

Given a choice I'd like to use the same vendor for both timer and controller so things look alike. I don't expect to be buying VPC boxes or anything else like that and will likely go with the AEM ECU.

Finally, who's a reliable online vendor for these things? Someone with good prices of course but also with stock on hand so I'm not waiting forever.

Thanks guys. Hate to open this can of worms all over again but I'm really unsure here.

[Update] Looks like HKS timer already has a blue LCD backlight - cool! Now if the Type 0 timer only came in black :(
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