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I'm putting together a very basic NA-T kit, stock HG, MAF, Fuel etc.

So i need a BOV. now i've heard good and bad things about this vavle. i like the way it sounds but ive heard some of them leak.

since its a basic kit and i'll only be boosting .5 bar and about 300whp(pt51)...i need to know a few things.

1) can it be vented back to the intake...? im not sure if all BOV's can, dont think they all can.

2) I saw the RFL may be designed for 10-30 psi....running less that 10, will it cause the valve to flutter or something and not alleviate the pressure surge on the turbo?

I know the RFL is simple, and that can be good and bad..and that it is inexpensive. Since im limiting myself to 300whp until i pay off college i think it should be ok.

any input would be great. thanks

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