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Turbonetics T72 vs. GReddy T78

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How do they compare? I know that the turbonetics Garrett based turbos and the GReddy Mitsubishi based turbos are differen't design... so the numbers "T72" and "T78" can't really be compared. Is the T72 as powerful as the GReddy T78? How about lag? The GReddy T78 kit is appealing cause it's not too expensive, and it supposidly comes with everything needed to bolt it on. However if the T72 would have to be purchased seperatly, then a good manifold (HKS) and external wastegate (probally HKS), and custom oil and coolent lines would have to be ordered too. Just wondering which setup would give best results and be best for a streetable high HP car. I know a lot about the T78, just not too much about the T72. Thanks.
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the turbonectics t72 is more similar to the greddy T88. i can vouch for the quailty of the greddy kit. i have the t78 kit and everything fit perfect and it came with absolutely everything except a full length DP. it does come with a shorty downpipe that bolts right up to your main cat though. you can either get the rmm downpipe
(or any other like it) cut to make fit, or you can do like i did and buy the hks DP which replaces only the main cat and works perfect with the greddy kit. if you have a 6-speed dont even worry about lag with the t78
Yes, the T72 is much larger that the 78. It would be very laggy unless you have NOS to spool it up.

I believe T72 = 72mm compressor wheel, whereas the T78 = TD07 exhaust wheel and TD08 compressor. At least I think that is correct, the T88 has a large exhaust wheel but the same compressor wheel correct???
Gritsak, if you buy the hks shorty downpipe, how do you attached the secondary o2 sensor?
i actually made one. i went to lowes and got a 1/4 or 3/8 inch thick piece of steel. i made a cardboard templet of the o2 sensor and cut a piece of the steel to about that size. then measured off the two holes for the bolts, and the one big one where the sensor goes and then drilled them out. then went back and got a piece of steel pipe that was i think 3/4 in diameter and cut it to about the same size as the little post on my greddy dp. drilled the hole on the hks DP where the o2 goes in at, then took it too a muffler shop and had them weld the little pipe over the hole on the DP then the o2 flange i made on top of the pipe. does that all make sense? lol
How about the GReddy manifold and wastegate? Is the quality of the GReddy manifold and wastegate as good as the HKS units? Can I have a T72 made to fit onto the GReddy manifold? I recall SW had the T88 kit and I think he just swapped the turbos and used all the GReddy pieces other than the turbo from the T88 kit. I'd like to have a street turbo like the T78 and then a larger turbo to swap out for drag racing, or for if I ever go out to race really fast cars... TT C5's and that sort of deal.
not sure about comparing the HKS manifold to Greddy, but the Greddy manifold is really nice. I really like how complete the kit is. The install took me about 3.5 hrs to intall. The only thing missing is the shorty downpipe. Can't wait 'til I finish my fuel system. (may be tomorrow) :rolleyes:
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