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TVR Sagaris

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I had been saving up for some time, got a great promotion at work, and an investment came through fairly profitable, so I now have a decent amount to spend. I really want a TVR Sagaris, but have no clue as to whether or not they're even legal in the US, much less how to attain one.

So my question is, anyone know of a way I can get a Sagaris legally into and registered in the US??? Provide all the details possible please.

Thanks guys.
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Best I can tell you is to contact TVR themselves. They do make a LHD, btw, for the german market.

[email protected]
It is currently rumored that TVR wants to make headway for a reentry into the US as soon as 2008 and that the only model they will bring in is the Sagaris. Now that the shift in TVR ownership has a strong American presence there is an American division of the company. Adam Burdette and Jean Michel Santacreu are/were working hard to have the cars legalized. I wish they were more vocal about their involvement with the company's holdings. Talk about a soap opera.

Ask them for a contact number to Monte Patterson, he is the head of American operations if things have not changed since I last harassed them.
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