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Allright.. I will do my job and attempt to tackle this one.

1. The stock rear speakers in a Supra are 5.25". It is possible to get most 6.5" speakers in the back with a bit of cutting to the back side of the speaker basket. Once you pop off the rear speaker panel it is rather self explanitory. Depth once you cut the basket is not an issue. If you do not want to cut, put any 5.25" speaker there. They are all easily installed.

2. The only advantages to having 2 subs vs 1 sub is more bass. That is true to a certain extent. Many factors to take into consideration. More that I care to explain effectively. 2-8" subs CAN (Notice the CAN!) produce more bass than a single 12" sub. That is if you are comparing subs of like specs are and power is linear.... Bottom line is this.. No benefit to one sub over 2. Bass is non-directional in nature so a left sub and a right sub is not important.

3. Do you have a Targa? If not... I can put so many subs back there you won't even be able to stand it! No modification is needed to put a box in the stock spare tire location. The top of the hump houses the fuel pump... you don't want to go jackin' with that! I have put 2-10's 2-12's & 3-10's pretty easily. The targa storage, if you have it, is the real issue to consider on this question.

4. You can use the provided power of the headunit to power your seperates but not in conjunction with the amp. If you feed the power of the radio into the crossover AND the power of the amplifier into the seperates passive crossover you will cook stuff in a hurry. Please put on a white,floppy chef hat if you decide to do this! Hook up the seperates to the amp, that is your best source of power for seperates.

Hope that helps you out in some way...

Thomas Kenyon
Custom Sounds
San Antonio, Texas
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