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I'm changing my stock twin setup to either t60 70 A/R or a twin 2540. I had my mind made up again to the t60. I'm driving on the street want low end power. Then i was told that the HKS twin 2540 would be the way to go but it is allot more money. I haven't heard much about the 2540 looking for more info. I was told it would spool around 3000 rpms or sooner, any help would be apprec. Going to be running auto 3200 stall. Just wondering if its worth the money. My goal is 520 rwp and the t60 will get me there looking to see if the twin setup will boost faster.


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shade said:
Has anyone heard about these turbos or any information on them.

God forbid you actually calling Larry at Sound Performance and talking to the source:).
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