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Twin Fuel Pump Issues...

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I've been noticing that at 1/4 tank of gas my car now hesitates as if it's not getting a steady flow of fuel. Once I fill it up this problem goes away. What causes this? Also I've noticed that the wires going into the connector at the fuel pump get very warm. Is this normal?
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If you have an upgraded fuel system, I think there is a hose that lets the fuel pump assembly feed from the bottom of the tank. If this hose is not in place then the car will run out of gas with a 1/4 of tank still in the tank. I just had this problem because the shop in Orlando that did my upgrades did not put this piece in place.

After I started encountering this problem, I had Toyomoto in Miami redo my whole fuel system and it kicks ass now! I really appreciate the quality work they have done on my car. They do some of the best work I have EVER seen.
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