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SupraSpeedMKIV said:
then maybe a twin plate clutch isnt for you. Ive had people ask me whats wrong with my car because of the noise the clutch+lw flywheel makes... my car is single turbo with cams and full exhaust with no cats, and i can hear my clutch+flywheel chatter over the exhaust when walking away from my car while the timer is on. My pedal pressure is lighter than stock though, and its very slippable to a point, but it grabs very hard.

oh yeah, i have the blitz twin disc.

i have an ogura twin plate. I have the same problem with the noise, but you do get used to it yourself but its true about people thinking theres somthing wrong with the car. In traffic its a pain in the ass (especially on hills). It is slippable while slowly letting it out but does grab hard also. No difference in pedal pressure that i can see.
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