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Twin turbo supra question

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Hey guys. Im wondering if the twin turbo supra was only avaliable from 93 and up. I deal with JDM engines and my supplier is telling me he has a TT supra engine but its a 5 speed and from 88-92?? Is that at all possible? I thought the 300 hp TT only was 93 and up? Also wernt they all 6 speed or just the 320 hp 94+???

Engine was imported from Japan incase that info matters.

Can anyone shed some light on this for me??

Thank you
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i think they are talking about 7m motor. 7m is mkIII motor, which is junk. you can never get that is same once you rebuild 7m. all the mkiv motors are 2jz. turbo is 320hp and n/a is 220hp. do not buy n/a motor if you are thinking about doing turbo conversion.
In Japan there was a 2.5 liter Twin Turbo engine that was offered from i think 90 to 92 for the MKIII. It was only in Japan though so he may be correct.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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