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1st issue:

Has anyone had any issues with the internal logger not working? I have had it setup two different times and can no pull a log from a run. This is PITA, since I have to keep running the other logger everytime.

2nd Issue:

I have noticed with drastic temperature changes and high humidity. For example, I took the car out to do some test pulls before I went to the drag strip. I kept seeing low 12's A/F. The temp outside was in the low 80's. Inlet air temp was around high 70's.

Yesterday, I take it out to the strip and see A/F's holding low 11's. on the same setting. The outside temp was at 65-degrees (F) and inlet temp was seeing 64-66 degrees.

This is also was relevant in Texas during the supra meet which caused my car to go lean at WOT pulls.(12.5-12.7). This threw a red flag since I am used to seeing 11.5-11.7 during my settting. The temp outside was in 90's and inlet temp was over 100-degrees

My car was originally tuned in the summer at night by Axoman. I have not changed, nor has anyone else adjusted the setting he originally set with the fuel/timing curves(except when this happened in Texas, however we returned the setting when I arrived back in OH). This just has me stumped since even when this issue occured in Texas, we added 6% to the fuel map and it didn't make a difference to the A/F

Both fuel pumps are on and under WOT, I have around 80 psi of fuel pressure with no droping off to redline.

Any ideas?


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There is a "bug" in some of the software that won't allow you to downlaod internal logs.

Are you getting almost finished and it reads an error and you lose everything?

Try downloading the fix(not sure where it is, might be in the AEM forum)

Try going into the setup of your ports and slow down the baud rates of your serial port. Mike91t found if he change the baud rates on windows XP it would work ok.

on the second issue check if there is compensation in the fuel trims for air intake temps.
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