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1. After adjusting my clutch pedal, I tried disconnecting both of the harnesses that plug into the assembly hoping to bypass the need to depress the clutch to start the car. Neither worked and I would still like to skip the need to depress the clutch to start my car, how can I go about doing this?

2. Lucas Engine/Tranny adative and BG/GM Syncromesh tranny fluid:

Reviews? Good product or something the MKIII crowd stays away from? I used this product in my DSM to ease the lifter ticking a bit, and it worked nicely. I would like to add it to the 7M to help ease a bothersome oil leak and just for lubricating insurance. Are engine addatives something that you guys generally shy away from or welcome with open arms?

And BG/GM synchromesh synthetic tranny fluid. I would like to run this in my tranny as well (another product often used with DSM's and their anything but smooth tranny's). redline is used often in the DSM tranny's, X-fer cases, and rear diffs, but I think I would like to exclusively use the Redline product in the rear diff only, and if possible use the BG/GM synch. in the tranny (BTW: what is the fluid weight needed for the diff and tranny?).


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1. You can't simply unplug the switch, you have to shove some wire in between the terminals of the harness that goes into the top switch.

2. I've always used Redline and never had any problems. I've seen Supras with barely useable transmissions shift like butter with the addition of Redline fluid. The Lightweight Shockproof and MTL seem to be the best for the R154 tranny.
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