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TWS event this weekend (Saturday) with NASA-Tx!

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NASA Texas, our regional chapter of the National Auto Sport Association, is having a Texas World Speedway track event this coming weekend. In my opinion, NASA Tx runs *the* coolest track events of all the clubs -- the most track time, the nicest people, and the least crowded events. I'm already signed up for the event this weekend, in the lapping group. Peter Blach is also going in his badass single turbo Supra. I'll be instructing Peter in the other DE group, but anybody else that is a first timer can easily find a good instructor -- NASA-Tx has good people.

Cost is $225 for the weekend plus $25 for the garage rental which I strongly suggest you go for.

They have two drivers ed groups, beginner (with classroom training and instructors) and advanced (basically solo lapping renamed to DE for insurance reasons). In the advanced group you can rent a transponder for a small fee of $50 and get printouts of all your lap times after each session (I highly recommend this for those of you joining in the advanced group).

Normally this would be a Saturday and Sunday event, with an average of 3-4 sessions for each run group, each day (total of 6+ for the weekend). Due to the low turnout of people signed up for this weekend, NASA has decided to condense the whole event to Saturday -- while still giving everybody the same amount of track time. Shannon Matus of NASA promised that the amount of track time will be the same as on two-day events, just condensed into one day. Hmm.. less hotel cost, less time away from home, yet just as much track time.. sounds good to me!

See you at the track!

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Click above for pics, writeup, and some SWEET videos!

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