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U want the Best Exhaust?

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Ok, everyone keeps asking what's the best exhaust. Well I have the answer. DO NOT buy an exhaust system. Just take off your muffler. Im recently took off the muffler (just experimenting) and it made a huge difference. I'd estimate about 10 hp, and it has a very nice sound, it's not annoying at all. I did lose some low-end, but i took it to meineke and had them weld some pipes to exit out the rear and i gained low-end. The car drives great now and it only cost $85. This is something everyone should try. Leave the cat and two resonators on and just remove the big muffler. I also installed a HKS intake so now i have low-end and top end acceleration. the car is pretty quick now and a lot more fun to drive.
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if us california people get caught without an exhaust... dang... we're gonna have to sell the car to pay off the fine! :eek: :p
If you could, it would be awesome if you could jack the back up and take a couple pics. I would like to see this setup...
I'll do that when i get the tip installed.
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