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how do you pull the 1j pilot bearing? some trick? or trick tools? need it out out out. the time has come to mate my 1jz with my r154 and make cressida babies. any help would be appreciated


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MY way:

The typical bearing puller is too large. The grease trick never works for me.

Take a 7m head bolt. Insert it. Wack it downward with a good hammer. This breaks the bearing inner part, leaving only outer ring.

You can use the tyipcal bearing puller from autozone on the outer ring.

Either way, while others are greasing up their bearing, mine is out already. It only takes a couple of minutes.

I have never tried another bolt, only the 7M head bolt worked for me and we have TONS of those lying around. I would suspect that another bolt would work, but haven't tried it.
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