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Ultimate AMP please help me with info

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I've a nice looking amp from ULTIMATE but I havn't tried it yet I want to have some more info about it and how does it sound?

I received it as payments for some parts to the car.

It's a 5 channel amp, the seller told me it was 4*75 and 1*170 RMS 4 ohm.

It´s very heavy maybe 20-25lbs and the size is about 10*23*2" big.

It looks awesome, it's like aluminíum or crome look.

Please advice me about the amp,
how expensive is it as new?
Any reviews about it?
Is it powerful?
how does it sound?

Anybody here who knows about this amp or even have listened to one?? ;)

:D :cool:
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The model nr is UHC5...
I found some info about it on the net.

It was in a magazine test together with a few other 5ch amps.

It was the most powerful of all the amps in the test, including a heavy PPI amp.

The amp puts out 4*81W RMS 4ohm
And the Sub chanel 200RMS 4ohm

And the sub chanel is 1 ohm stable, I think there is power enough for using with a sub.

I saw somewhere a listprise of $599 and I trade it for parts I would sell for 150-170$ so that has to be a good deal
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Sounds like an amp you could put on your fronts and rears. I wouldnt put it on subs though, its not powerful enough. You may be able to get a little more power out of it depending on if the amp is stable at a lower ohm level.
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